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Club Awards; Nominations
05 December 2011

Club Achievement Awards 2011

Club members and parents are invited to submit nominations for  any of the achievement awards.  You are asked to submit a short paragraph in support of your chosen candidate. Your support must reflect what the person done in the year 2011 only.

John Porter Award

This award is made to the club volunteer of the year for 2011.  We are seeking nominations of club members who have went beyond the call of duty over the past twelve months and have sacrificed their time, expertise and effort to shape the club we have now.  We are especially inviting nominations for members whose effort was for the benefit of the entire club.  This would epitomise the man that John was.  In his time with the club he was chairman, coach, treasurer, sponsor and volunteer driver. 

Young Person of the Year

No club can be sustained without its youth. The old cliché that young people are our future could not be closer to the truth when it comes to Tir Conaill Harps. This is not only on the field of play.  We have many young people over the years who have volunteered to coach, help out at functions, fundraise or attend meetings. In more recent times they set up their own youth group. This award is for a twelve to eighteen year old who best personifies volunteerism.  This could be volunteering at underage training, helping organise an event or being committed to their team by giving up their time to attend training and matches.

Coach of the Year

In many ways good players are born to be good. This is not taking away the effort that many have made to perfect their skills and reach a high standard, but coaches are different.  You are not born into being a good coach.  We can look back on many great games in our short history and of vital scores in games, but remembering who managed or coached the team might not spring to mind as easy.  We now feel it’s time to put that right by recognising the voluntary effort of our coaches and managers.  This award is not only for those who bring home silverware, although achievement on the field of play should not be minimised. We also want  to recognise  coaches who put a lot of work into a team, which has in turn shown significant improvement or it may indeed be the way they conduct a training sessions.  We can all relate to stories of parents who have commented on the feeling of high self esteem and confidence coming from their children as a result of being involved in the club and more importantly because of the influence of their coach.  

Email if you would like to nominate someone.


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