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Pastures New for Division 2
30 May 2010

Today, the Division 2 team made their first trip across to the East Coast to Musselburgh to take on a Forth Camanachd side, who dropped down from Division 1 at the beginning of the season. After losing the home fixture 0 - 5, the Tir Conaill side were determined to put up a tougher challenge on this occasion.

To say the grass was long at the pitch in Musselburgh would be an understatement - I'd have to estimate it as at least mid calf height - not ideal for shinty, however as we'd travelled as agreed the best thing to do was to continue with the fixture.

The game started quickly and for the first few minutes people struggled to get to grips with the unusual surface, however TCH soon found their stride and took control of the game, with Siobhan Martin, Sara Roche and Julie O'Brien making use of the big hitting to pump balls into the forward line. After several missed opportunities, Sara carried the ball up the left hand side, before a pass to Charlene Chung was successfully delivered. Charlene then displayed some grit and determination, challenging for the ball and slotting it through to Cassie Dorrian, who put Tir Conaill in the lead at half time, with a score of 0 - 1.

The day almost ended there, with the referee deeming the pitch unsafe at half time, yet both captains were insistent that the game continue. TCH made use of their subs, with Maria Cosgrave making her first appearance for the club, and Rebecca McPherson joining her on the field as the team continued to press for victory.

Forth were determined to not let an opportunity to remain undefeated slip them by. The TCH defence of Mary Dowds and Sarah Murdin coped admirable with an onslaught of Forth players - some interesting challenges were made, leaving TCH battered and bruised. Eventually the pressure of the Forth attack, and the unbelievable long grass, resulted in a penalty for Forth - luckily for TCH, Ruth Bordoli was unable to convert for Forth. Play passed from end to end, both teams chasing one last score, until eventually Forth knocked one through and Holly Webster converted for the home side, with the final score of 1 - 1. 

This was an encouraging result for the TCH side, with the first points added to the league table since the first day of the season, and credit must be given to all as the conditions weren't the best.

Player of the match was a tough choice, but Julie O'Brien must be rewarded for her endeavor.

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