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Highland Touring
25 May 2010

Sunday was the most dreaded game of the shinty season.  It was not the opposition that induced this loathing but the prospect of driving a 260 mile round trip through the caravan filled highlands.  Travel arrangements got off to a bad start when our St Andrews contingent's train timetable reading skills failed them and they missed their Dundee-Perth connection.  Once this had been fixed by an expensive taxi ride we were all on our way; one bus load from Glasgow, one car load from Perth and one straggler who had just been on the West Highland way.

The game started a bit sluggishly as players tried to shake off the 4 hours of sitting and it was Glengarry who opened the scoring.  Fiona Mathie soon put things back on track with a well taken shot on her left side.  The first half finished at 1-1.

Erin's first strike of the ball from the throw up in the second half was a cracking 60-70 yard cross pitch ball that set the forwards up for an immediate attack on goal.  Only problem was she hadn't quite cottoned on to the whole changing sides thing and the hit was the wrong way up the field, so it was the Glengarry forwards who were on the attack.  Fortunately they were as surprised as us and so they didn't capitalise on the gift.  Still, fair play to her, it was a brilliant attacking ball.

Fiona opened the score in the second half, skilfully taking a rebounded ball in the air.  Glengarry replied quickly leaving both sides pressing for the decider in the last 20 minutes of the game.  That decider did not come and the final score line was 2-2.  The Harps were content to take a point away from this game having won the home tie.

Fiona is George's choice for Player of the Match.

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