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Shinty Lassies have Fun in the Sun
11 April 2010

Today the Harps shinty team played two games without scoring.  However if you think this was a bad day you are well and truly mistaken.

Today the Harps really stepped up to the plate (or whatever the equivalent shinty expression is).  Every player on the field gave their all in the first game.  This article could sing the praises of everyone but so as not to hog the whole website we will just mention a few of our players who stepped up from the South Team.  Vanessa played her first game of club shinty today, which is a world away from university shinty, and played it in a first division game.  Kirsty had the best game of her career against Cowal and Bute a few weeks ago, but today she racked it up a good few notches further.  Sarah has been vying for a first team place since the middle of last season and had a great game in the 2009 cup final.  Today she had an absolute stormer, despite having a lot to deal with. And finally Julie; the back line is definately calling.

As 9 of our second team players were involved in the first game another hour in the sun was just not going to happen today.  Things will be different in the South's next draw as they will be starting with fresh legs and the experience they gained today.

Coach's choice for player of the game goes to Sarah Murdin for the first game and Oonagh Collins for the second.

The two players who should hang their heads in shame are the two that didn't get ice creams for everyone. Captain as well.  Hurry back Yvonne!

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