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GAA Oral History Project
02 February 2009

The GAA Oral History Project aims to record the fullest possible picture of what the GAA has meant to the Irish people, in their own words. The project will record face-to-face interviews with thousands of people in Ireland and internationally, including GAA members and supporters, current and former players, managers, officials and administrators and anyone who has ever had any contact or involvement with the GAA. These interviews will then be preserved as a permanent resource on the history of the GAA and Irish society. Some of the recordings may also be used in a series of exhibitions, publications and broadcasts to celebrate the organisation’s 125th anniversary. The history of the GAA is a people’s history. In an organisation of volunteers, the thoughts of ordinary members and supporters should be recorded along with those of champions and presidents. We need to preserve as many of those voices as we can. By recording the widest possible selection of interviews, we can create an unmatched resource for ourselves and for future generations of scholars and fans.

It is important that the story of the GAA outside of Ireland is represented in this project. The GAA has played such a central role in the lives of so many Irish people living abroad and in the lives of people of Irish heritage, each of whom have a unique story to tell. The project aspires to tell as many of these stories as possible and add the voice of the Diaspora to this archive.
One of the ways in which we are asking people to get involved in this project is complete one of our questionnaires. I have attached a questionnaire to this email and would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to fill one in and also to pass it on to those involved in the GAA in your area. Questionnaires can be returned by post or by email.
This project will depend on the cooperation of clubs to tell their story and so I look forward to being in contact with you in the future when we are focusing on Britain and carrying out interviews there.
Regina Fitzpatrick
GAA Oral History Project
42 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2
T: +353 (0)1 662 5055

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