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Memory Lane - The Long Walk to Glory

Lest we forget our humble beginnings, this page has been created in honour of those team members who endured many a bad skort day to lay the foundations of the modern day shinty and camogie teams.  To get a mention on this page you have to remember the days when we celebrated 4-1 defeats (on the basis that we had scored a goal) and we sent Roisin to steal trophies (so that we could get a few good photos from our trips).  So this page is dedicated to you Grace, Roisin, Faye, Janice, Shiv, Mairi, Brenda (even though you defected to Forth) and of course the legend that is St Hilda; the patron saint of hopeless camogie and shinty players.

We realise that we are jumping the gun a bit as Hilda hasn't been canonised yet, having only performed two miracles:

  1. The production of a Dooley sister or two in times of great sporting need.
  2. Keeping the ball out of our net in the second half of the 2008 Scottish Cup final (although we were a bit miffed when she reciprocated for Glengarry in 2009).

However we feel that the thousands of miles spent on the Megabus for the sake of the team must count for something.

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